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  January 22, 2021 (FRIDAY)  ONLINE via ZOOM 9:30am-4:30pm Eastern Time

Approved: Michigan (MCBAP & Social Work Michigan)     Illinois(ICB)    Iowa (IBC) Georgia (ADACBGA)  


Course Description - This is a 6 hour Approved Training specific to Substance Abuse for addiction professionals and other service providers interested in increasing their understanding of the link between human trafficking, sex trafficking and substance abuse.Participants will be provided information regarding various types of human trafficking and sex trafficking;the dynamics and signs. In addition, participants will be provided with strategies to assist in the oftenuncomfortable task of dialoguing with SUD clients regarding the sensitive topic of sexual history.Participants will also be equipped with tools to assist clients in addressing the trauma of their past
trafficking history, while addressing SUD and seeking ongoing recovery.

Standard Course Fee $60

February 12, 2021 (FRIDAY)  ONLINE via ZOOM 9:30am-4:30pm Eastern Time

Approved: Michigan (MCBAP & Social Work Michigan)     Illinois(ICB)    Iowa (IBC) Georgia (ADACBGA)

 VENUS and MARS: Gender Specific Treatment Issues and Treatment Strategies for Adults and Youth with Substance Use Disorders

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: This training offers 6HR APPROVED TRAINING SPECIFIC hours for substance abuse professionals, social workers, probation officers, recovery coaches, prevention specialists, and other human service workers interested in enhancing their ability to identify gender specific issues. Participants will be equipped with information useful in enhancing the effectiveness of the therapeutic process, the therapist/client relationship as well as the treatment planning process, in an effort to reduce the recidivism rate and to assist in the prevention of adolescents becoming adult substance abusers. The participants will receive insight to assist in recognizing and addressing treatment needs specific to women and men as well as both female and male adolescents. This training will take an indebt look at treatment plan goals and objectives specific to gender and age. Case Study interaction will afford participants the opportunity to discuss gender-specific issues and practice inclusion of these issues in the treatment planning process.

Standard Course Fee $60



February 26, 2021 (FRIDAY)  ONLINE via ZOOM 9:30am-4:30pm Eastern Time

Approved: Michigan (MCBAP)     Illinois(ICB)    Iowa (IBC) Georgia (ADACBGA)

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS-Is It Love or Are You Just Thirsty? Gateway to Substance Abuse and a Major Recovery Barrier (Adult and Adolescent)  

TRAINING DESCRIPTION: This is a one-day, 6hr Approved training for substance abuse professionals, peer
support specialists, social workers, outreach workers and other human service providers
interested in enhancing their knowledge regarding toxic relationship issues, a gateway to initial
substance abuse and a major recovery barrier. Participants will be equipped with insight for
including toxic relationships issues as a vital component of treatment goals and objectives.
Professionals will be equipped to assist both adults and adolescents in identifying toxic
relationships as gateways to substance abuse as well as a relapse trigger, thus enhancing the
clients’ chances for ongoing recovery from AOD. User-Friendly handouts will be provided to
assist participants in equipping both adult and adolescent clients with tools for letting go of and
refraining from toxic relationships. Worksheets to assist clients in adapting new behaviors to
cope with life's issues, and to consciously make healthier choices will be provided. Professionals
will be equipped to assist clients in recognizing the cycle of addiction and the link between SA
and toxic relationships, thus reducing the recidivism rate linked to toxic relationships.

Standard Course Fee $60 


March 20, 2021 (SATURDAY)  ONLINE 4hr via ZOOM 9:30am-2:30pm Eastern Time

Approved: Michigan (MCBAP)     Illinois(ICB)    Iowa (IBC) Georgia (ADACBGA)

PUT THE MASK ON YOURSELF FIRST (Recuperation from Compassion Fatigue & Burnout w/o the use of drugs and alcohol when working with SUD & MH Clients)

Course Description - Course Description (4hr.) Addiction Professionals, Clinicians, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Recovery Coaches and other human service providers. Although compassion fatigue and stress are common occurrences and occupational hazards for those working in human services, they often go undetected - masking as loss of interest, exhaustion, depression and even physical illness. This training is designed to assist the Human Service Worker in recognizing and recuperating from these often-debilitating conditions, especially since many of them are in recovery themselves. Relapse prevention Coping skills will be discussed to assist the professional from turning to drugs, including alcohol when experiencing high levels of stress. Participants will be equipped with aspects of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to increase understanding of biases as well as core beliefs and the impact these beliefs have on maintaining a drug free lifestyle. In turn, the professional will be able to enhance the client’s understanding of their personal core beliefs and the effects these beliefs have on their choices in recovery and subsequent relapse prevention.  Participants will be equipped with stress reduction and self-care strategies designed to liberate them to provide a higher level of care.

Standard Course Fee $45



March 26, 2021 (FRIDAY)  ONLINE via ZOOM 9:30am-4:30pm Eastern Time

Approved: Michigan (MCBAP)     Illinois(ICB)    Iowa (IBC) Georgia (ADACBGA)


Course Description - This is a one day - 6 hr Approved training SPECIFIC to substance abuse for addiction professionals, social workers, recovery coaches, prevention specialists and other service providers interested in assisting their clients in addressing addiction to criminal behavior while addressing their addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. Professionals will be equipped to assist clients in identifying the cycle of addiction as it relates to criminal activity, high risk behaviors related to drug relapse as well as triggers related to crime addiction. This training will increase the professionals’ ability to reduce the recidivism rate among repeated offenders as well as first time offenders. Participants will be enlightened regarding games criminals play and effective methods of addressing underlying issues.

Standard Course Fee $60


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