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Key Insights, LLC is a training, lecturing and consulting agency. We provide certified training sessions for addiction professionals, social workers, peer recovery coaches, and other service providers seeking to obtain and maintain certifications. In addition, the agency provides consulting services to professionals and agencies pertaining to various topics and insights. The agency also facilitates educational workshops and empowerment seminars for individuals seeking recovery and lifestyle change, both within the recovery community and other public venues including the religious community.

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Pamela Morgan, MBA, BA, CADC/CPRM



  • PUT THE MASK ON YOURSELF FIRST! (Recuperation from Compassion Fatigue & Stress …)Recovery, Relapse & the 12 Steps


  • TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: Another Addiction

  • TAKING A CLOSER LOOK: Marijuana Abuse, The Opioid Crisis & Trauma (adults and adolescents)

  • Toxic Family and Addiction

  • RECOVERY: Uphill Journey / Relapse: Downhill Run...METHAMPHETAMINE Addiction & Recovery

  • Cognitive Behavior Theories and Approaches to Change

  • Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

  • ADDICTION TO CRIME: Games Criminals Play

  • Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Substance Use Disorders (Adults and Adolescents)

  • Ethics and Boundaries for providingEffective Services for the Chemically Dependent Client (Adults and Youth)

  •         Prevention Ethics
  • Venus and Mars: Gender Specific Treatment Issues and Treatment Strategies for Adults and Youth with Substance Use Disorders

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse and Recovery Prevention

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Substance Abusing Juveniles and Juveniles with Behavior Problems

  • Cognitive Behavior Theories and Approaches to Change as applicable to Toxic Relationships: Another Addiction

  • A Journey of Healing: Group & Individual Rape / Incest Counseling

  • Addiction In The Church (Engaging The Faith Based Community)

  • Recovery: Uphill Journey / Relapse: Downhill Run
    (help for methamphetamine & other stimulant users)

  • Adolescent Toxic Relationship Addiction: Gateway to Substance Abuse

  • Sensitivity Training: Eliminating Desensitization & Burnout Effecting Substance Abuse Treatment and the Therapeutic Work Environment

  • Enhancing Motivation for Transitioning Through Stages of Change in Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Solution Focused Therapy For Enhancing The Recovery Experience For Substance Abuse And Mental Health Clients With Generational Suds          and MH History

  • Stages of Life: Adolescents’ Addictive Behaviors’ link to Adult Substance Use Disorders

  • Cognitive Behavior Theories & Approaches To Change: Restructuring & REBT For Addressing Trauma With Substance Abuse And Mental Health Clients

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